This is the 2017/2018 Schedule

Quick Facts

  • Classes for Ages 3 yrs & up
  • Pick up from your school may be available
  • You can pay in installments
  • Ballet bodysuit, tights and shoes recommended.
  • Year-end show is TBD
  • Royal Academy of Dance syllabus available for children 11 and up
  • All classes get a chance to perform in a Year-End Show

  • 1 hr or less (18 visits) – $280.00
  • 1 hr 15 mins (18 visits) – $307.00
  • 1 hr 30 mins (18 visits) – $375.40
  • Multiple Class discount of 5%
  • Full Term Discount
  • Holidays are pro-rated
  • Subject to $20 costume fee
  • HST is not included in price

Contemporary Jazz: Building from a foundation of basic ballet, modern and jazz moves, this class teaches more advanced concepts, such as lyrical movement and personal expression. This class incorporates a center warm-up, combinations across the floor, and center combinations. This class culminates in a year end show.

Jazz Dance: This fun and energetic class offers a variety of jazz styles with a focus on technique, performance, and muscle development. Dancers are encouraged to develop their unique style. As a continuation of Jazz 2, this class offers more intensive cardio, more complex combinations, bigger jumps and more turns!

Rock Girlz: This is a fun and upbeat creative movement class for girls who love popular music. Using child friendly Hip Hop and Pop music, children will learn Jazz and Hip Hop dance through a series of creative dance journeys.