This is the new 2017/2018 Schedule

Quick Facts

  • Classes for Ages 3 yrs & up
  • Pick up from your school may be available
  • You can pay in installments
  • Ballet bodysuit, tights and shoes recommended.
  • Year-end show is TBD
  • Royal Academy of Dance syllabus available for children 11 and up
  • All classes get a chance to perform in a Year-End Show

  • 1 hr or less (18 visits) – $280.00
  • 1 hr 15 mins (18 visits) – $307.00
  • 1 hr 30 mins (18 visits) – $375.40
  • Multiple Class discount of 5%
  • Full Term Discount
  • Holidays are pro-rated
  • Subject to $20 costume fee
  • HST is not included in price


Mighty Moves (3 to 5 yrs): This class is for young, groovy, freestyling superheroes! This co-ed class teaches basic Hip-Hop through fun games and dance journeys.

Hip-Hop Kidz & All Boyz Hip-Hop (5 to 8 yrs): This class incorporates tricks and techniques into basic moves to develop and improve freestyle ability. The introduction of small combinations encourages teamwork and syncopation.

Hip-Hop Levels 2 to 5 (8 yrs & up) (Teens): These classes teach various styles of Hip-Hop, from classic Breakdancing to Popping, Locking and the newer forms of House. These classes are always fun, upbeat, and work on various dance combinations.

Breakdancing for Teens Beginner/Intermediate (Teens): This class focuses on the original Hip-Hop. Every Class will break down the common elements of Breakdancing: Top Rock, Foot Work, and Power Moves/Freezes. A combination is taught at the end of the session to demonstrate what the students have learned.