New Schedule will become available on April 15th

Quick Facts

  • Classes for Ages 3 yrs & up
  • Pick up from your school may be available
  • You can pay in installments
  • Ballet bodysuit, tights and shoes recommended.
  • Year-end show is TBD
  • Royal Academy of Dance syllabus available for children 11 and up
  • All classes get a chance to perform in a Year-End Show

  • 1 hr or less (18 visits) – $280.00
  • 1 hr 15 mins (18 visits) – $307.00
  • 1 hr 30 mins (18 visits) – $375.40
  • Multiple Class discount of 5%
  • Full Term Discount
  • Holidays are pro-rated
  • Subject to $20 costume fee
  • HST is not included in price


Acro: Acrobatic Dance, as both an athletic sport and a performing art offers a unique form that combines both dance and gymnastic skills. Students benefit from developing the flexibility, strength and balance required for acrobatics. This class features acrobatic technique, floor work, and frequent partner work to develop strength, body awareness, responsibility and teamwork. Stunting and tumbling will not be covered.