A | P Dance Projects

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Under the direction of the widely versatile and dynamic dancer, choreographer and educator Elizabeth Dawn Snell, A | P Dance Projects creates emotionally engaging and unpredictable performances with equal emphasis on expression and pure physicality, beauty and the absurdity of reality.

Artists’ Play, which germinated as an improvisation-based collective, has grown into a professional dance company producing short and full-length works for stage and corporate productions both locally and across Canada.

A | P Dance Projects is a versatile company. Its roots are contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, but we have recently branched out to incorporate aerials, breakdancing, and parkour.


Elizabeth founded “Artists’ Play…a Cabaret!” in 2004 at Cervejaria Downtown and produced monthly cabarets there until the Artist’s Play Studio Theatre was founded. The Studio Theatre held over 100 cabarets with over 50 performing artists. For the two-year anniversary Elizabeth created a structured improvisation with musicians, dancers, actors and a performance painter. Out of this collaboration, Artists’ Play Collective was born. The Collective performed for many other cabarets, bands, festivals and brought together many amazing artists.

After over hundreds of structured improvisational performances, we saw the need for recapturing and sharing those great moments. To accommodate this need, A | P Dance Projects—under the direction of Snell—began creating full and short works such as The Reservation, HeartSurge, Love and Life, Tango Showcases, and Hip Hop/Ballet battle. We are currently working on an action adventure performance with breakdance, contemporary, aerial and parkour.